Saturday, 30 January 2010

Tim Lambert's parody of psuedoskeptic faux outrage

Well it's more of a piss take than a parody.  

David Rose does seem to uncannily keep being tricked by those darned scientists into reporting things they later claim they never said and so if nothing else this subject does raise the real issue of why scientists keep being misrepresented in the media.

But the way Tim Lambert has handled it has to be a piss take of the denialosphere's tactic of whipping up a storm (as Hansen would say 'a tempest in a teapot')

The first post at Deltoid was titled Rosegate. Say no more!

It then became a self-described growing scandal, with a new post Rosegate Scandal Grows

Then it becomes ever growing.

And it just won't stop as David Rose is "caught" again.

Rosegate: David Rose caught misrepresenting another scientist

  • Use of the gate suffix. Check.
  • A self-proclaimed scandal. Check.
  • A scandal that just won't stop growing. Check.
  • New Developments, as in "two shock new developments". Check.

David Rose himself (or someone claiming to be him) turns up in the comments at one point. I guess someone tipped him off...Hilariously all he accomplishes by injecting his opinion is to have his words misrepresented for the next post on the subject.

The whole thing reminds me of tabloid style reporting along the lines of "There was public outrage last night when ...". Given that most of the public are reading about the issue for the first time over breakfast, the paper cannot possibly be reporting on a widespread "public" outrage "last night". Tabloids quite often just exaggerate relatively minor things into "public scandals" and whip up "outrage" for headlines. Much like the psuedoskepic blogs. Eg WUWT. They pretend they are just reporting a story, when in fact often they are the ones generating the story from something that is really quite trivial or not even news at all.

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